Cape Verde Island

Cape Verde Island

Cape Verde Islands, is a group of ten inhabited islands which lie much farther than the Canaries.

Are they within the tropical lands ? Yes of course , they are within the tropics lying roughly between latitudes 14 and 17 and they lie about 720 kilometers from Dakar .

The total area of the island is 4160 square meters .

They witness a lot of harmattan and rain fall is correspondingly low with the majority of rains falling between the months of July – October.

The population of the island is very low.
The island is of a volcanic origin and the resulting volcanic rocks weather to produce a fertile soil ; agricultural productivity is therefore high where irrigation is possible.

This is chiefly in the valleys which are watered by streams flowing from mountains .A wide variety of crops ( including maize , Vegetables , coffee , castor oil , sugar , oranges and tobacco) is grown , while stock( mainly goats and cattle ) is also reared.

The capital of the country is Praia ,and the chief port is Said Vicente’