Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe Phd

Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe Phd

Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe Phd. 16 November 1904 – May 11, 1996.

He was popularly refered Nnamdi Azikiwe was a prominent Nigeria nationalist and statesman who served as the first president of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966, holding the presidency throughout the first Republic.

He is popularly considered a driving force behind the Nation’s independence and came to be known as the ” father of Nigeria Nationalism.

Born to Igbo parents in Zungeru , present day Niger State , Azikiwe learned to speak Hausa, the main indigenous language of the Northern region at an early age.

He later lived in Onitsha , his parental home land where he was raised by his aunt and grand mother and learned Igbo language.

A sojourn in lagos exposed him to yoruba language and by the time he was in college , he had been exposed to different Nigerian culture. Motivated to get a university degree, he travelled to USA and attended various colleges including Storer College, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania and Howard, returning to Africa in 1934 to start work as a journalist in the Gold Coast.

In British West Africa , Azikiwe was an important advocate of Nigeria and Africa nationalism , first as a journalist and later a political leader.