Meetings can be classified into two; public and private meetings

Public meetings are those to which the generality of the public have access. Such meetings will, in the nature of things, be concerned with matters of public interest.

Private meetings are those to which persons are admitted only by virtue of some specific right or special capacity, as, for example a meeting of share holders in a company or committee of a club.

A characteristic distinction between private and public meeting will be at once apparent.

The component members of a private meeting will be related to a common and direct interest in matters to be deliberated, and the relationship will determine the constitution of the meeting itself.

We shall find accordingly that such meetings are largely governed by prescribed regulations depending upon and sometimes peculiar connection existing between those who are entitled to attend them.

These regulations may be defined as contract, the case of a club or by statute as in the case of a community council, or in part by contract and in part by statute, as in the case of a registered company.

A public meeting is usually held in public places or in private place with regards to matters of public interest.

“Sir Shaw”