Defamation is concerned with injury to reputation resulting from words written or spoken by others.

The full import of a defamatory statement is that it tends to lower the reputation of the plantiff in estimation of right thinking members of society generally; or to expose him to hatred , contempt or ridicule or to cause other person’s to shun him or avoid him or to discredit him in his office , trade or profession or to injure his financial credit.

The words complained of must tend to injure the plaintiffs reputation in the minds of right thinking people generally ,not merely in the minds of a particular section of the public.

‘To write or say of a man something that will disparage him in the eyes of a particular section of the community, but will not affect his reputation in the eyes of the average right thinking man ,is not actionable within the law of defamation.

There are two types of defamation : libel and slander.

Libel is defamation in a permanent book , letter and suchlike .

Slander is defamation in the transient form eg spoken words and gestures – Aluko