This is the practice of approaching people already working at one company with the offer of a job at another.

Head hunting is usually carried out by a recruiter- either an employer within a company or an employer agency- who keeps an eye on the performance of a targeted personnel.

The recruiter then marches high performing personnel with the needed skill sets with job vacancies, contracting individuals directly without the knowledge of the employer, with a job offer.

The head hunters most often perform executive searches, but they may also work at lower levels with the intention of plucking out those with management potential.

On the downside, head hunting is often seen as poaching.

It can create employees retention problems, since the company’s best staffs can be tempted to leave by better offers.

Head hunting is different from recruitment.

Head hunting is the common approach used by leading football clubs in Europe – e.g. Real Madrid, Liverpool etc. – to acquire players with a needed skill set.