The profit producing capability of any organization derives from impressions made by all employees on the organization’s customers.

The means of creating these impressions are the quality and efficacy of the product or service that the employees sell: the quality, accuracy, dependability and speed of their service- and the warmth of their human relationship with customers.

All employees, from CEOs to the lowest paid worker are ossified as part of the company’s reputation.

For example, when we visit the bank, say Zenith Bank, we are received by the greetings of the gate man saying ‘ welcome to Zenith Bank’.

Similarly a fast food outlet like Fresh One has a complaint box which allows the management of the company to have a feedback about their services with a view to improve on their products delivery and customer service.

Unfortunately, most companies and business managers spend a lot of money on advertisement, publicity and marketing and then lose the customers due to poor customer service.

To succeed, businesses must create a service strategy as it is cheaper to get more businesses from satisfied customers than to spend money advertising our services all the time.