Connotes a complete and total right over a property. The owner of the property is not subject to the right of another person.

Because he is the owner, he has the full and final right of alienation or disposition of the property, and he exercises his right of alienation and disposition without seeking the consent of another party because as a matter of law and fact there is no other party’s right over the property that is higher than that of his…

The owner of a property can use it for any purpose; material, immaterial, substantial, non-substantial, valuable, invaluable, and beneficial or even for a purpose detrimental to his personal or proprietary interest.

As far as the property is his and inheres in him, nobody can say anything. He is the Alpha and Omega of the property.

The property begins with him and ends with him. Unless he transfers his ownership over the property to a third party, he remains the allodia owner.

Niki Tobi