The Nile River
The Nile River

The Nile River

Today, this river is the source of conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia as regard it usuage.

It should be highlighted that the river passes through three major countries namely , Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt although the lead waters can be traced to Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

Ethiopia has built a major dam on the river and this has sonorous implications for Egypt as the amount of water reaching her may be substantially reduced with far reaching implications for water and food security.

For the most part Egypt and Sudan lie within the basin of River Nile which is now accepted as the longest river in the world .

This extensive river basin changes markedly in character from South to North as we should expect when we remember that it extends over 35 degrees of latitude.

The Nile commences it’s 6930 km long journey to the Mediterranean on the East African Plateau.

At Khartoum the confluence of the White with the Blue Nike produces a triangular shaped plain which is often called the Gezira’