Most receipts have a place for two people to sign, first, the customer and second, the issuing party.

Unfortunately, most customers are too lazy, nonchalant and careless to append their signatures to the receipts.

The cogent question to ask is this; what is the effect of an unsigned document?

Justice Nike Tobi answered this question as follows; “an unsigned document is worthless and inadmissible in evidence. Even if an unsigned document is admitted in evidence, the court should not attach any probative value to it, because it has no origin in terms of its maker.

A document, which is not signed, does not have any efficacy in Law. As held in the cases examined, the document is worthless and a worthless document cannot be efficacious”

Omega Bank Plc V O.B.C ltd (2005) 2 MJSC 31:-

What is worthy of our consideration is that we should ensure that our customers sign our receipt books or delivery notes to authenticate our transactions.